Do you have a startup or are you just launching new product?

I can help you with creating entire brand or product identity, wireframing, mockups, prototyping, testing, visual design, and economical evaulation of your new product.
I have created several products from scratch, so If you are looking for designer with wider scope and skill set I'm your man :)

Do you already have developed product or service?

Are you not completely satisfied by design of your product whether from visual side, or from your customers experience?
I can help you with design analysis, and finding solution to your product design problems.
User interface & user experience are mine primary fields of expertise.

Is your product already successfully developed, but you need someone to work on its marketing?

 With the combination of my degree in marketing & experiences from design I can provide you with effective solutions for your marketing activities.
I can help you with simple banners or complex marketing campaigns with focus on economics and sales of your products. Just tell me what you need :)